Top 8 Popular Niche Products


Business is a highly dynamic industry; to succeed you need to constantly update your products and services. Also, it is important to integrate technology in business processes and production. Although innovation is key in this field, it is not the ultimate. Actually, the secret in business is researching on existing products and improving on them.

Proven Markets

To make significant sales you must be smart; some people argue that selling trending products is a recipe for business failure. According to this group of business people, selling what other people are selling leads to a collapse. While this is partly true, it all depends with how you handle your business processes. In fact, the reverse is what applies in a practical business environment.

It might sound easy and lazy but it is tested and proven. The best business ideas are existing establishments around you. Today, the business environment is open hence existence of all kinds of niche. The freedom to implement ideas has led to growth and expansion of the business industry to international levels. The number of niches is overwhelming, how do you identify the best and lucrative field for quick and guaranteed returns?

You can end up with zero sales in a new niche because it lacks social proof. On this basis, you should consider the following profitable niches, which are among the popular in various categories. The evaluations that led to pinpointing the top niches for 2018 are based on statistics by Google Trends.

Top Niche Products

The niche itself, weight loss, is trending all over today in aspects of cosmetics and health. Many products have been fronted and claim to cut weight in few days but none has hit the search results on Anti Cellulite Vacuum. It helps in removal of cellulite in areas of the body suspected to have huge amounts. The vacuum provides suction on the specific part of the body hence reducing muscle bulging from fat. The number of orders across the world in a span of one month attributes to its position among the top 8. It is not only used for removal of cellulite but also massaging. The recent drop in sales of this product is a normal trend; it cannot neutralize its gradual and consistent rise since April 2017.

Fake nails are trending products in the cosmetic world. According to Google Trends, the keywords, fake nails and false nails have dominated the search engines in the past two years. 

Stuffed toys also rank highly both for kids and millennials as the best niche market. Most of the middle-aged group of people sleep with a toy. Sales for the product has significantly increased through the years according to Google Trends. Whether you are targeting kids or millennials, it is a promising niche product. 

Vegetable cutter would be a wise investment if you are considering to make more money in 2018. It is a popular kitchen appliance, which has demonstrated strong and consistent growth for the past two years.

Teeth whitening products are increasingly becoming popular for cosmetic value. Yellow teeth are unpleasant to many; no one would want to appear in public or pose for a selfie with discolored teeth. Google Trend not only demonstrates the rise in previous demand and sales and potential for growth in the long term. 

According to Google Trends, anti-snoring is demonstrating a steady and consistent growth. There are no irregularities in performance of this product. Most people are affected by sleep apnea and the unpleasant sounds in snoring. You might need social media platforms to further promote the product.

Since 2009, phone cases as a keyword has been consistently rising with no indications of falling any time soon. While some users seek specific materials like silicone, “phone cases” is still growing. You might want to dive in this popular niche for 2018 before it is flooded.

Men’s watches have been increasing in popularity since 2008. It is the ideal gift for a graduation or birthday for a man. Nothing is expected to change with this trend; if anything, it is on the rise. Most sales are recorded on holidays, a time for gifts.

Fast moving is a business technique that should be implemented with caution. Not every product or trend that comes in your area of specialization is worth your time and financial resources. This is why it safe to invest in existing niches; products that you can analyze their performance over a given period. An existing niche is more promising that a new, however attractive the deals might be you should prioritize existing businesses.